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InPraxis provides customized resource development for public and private organizations, from concept to design and production. InPraxis develops student and teacher resources, based on current research, that meet the needs of curriculum and classroom teachers.

All of our resources advocate a constructivist, student-centred approach to learning that encourages students to think critically and creatively, and make connections between their lives and what they are being asked to learn. We recognize, through our teaching background and extensive involvement of teacher reviewers in all of our projects, the importance of including teaching supports, including strategies for differentiating instruction and addressing multiple perspectives, assessment tools and approaches, technology-based links and strategies and the provision of the background information that supports teachers in accurately and effectively teaching for understanding.
  • Virtual Apprentice courses, developed for the Alberta SPCA, support learning in an online environment for high school students in Alberta Career and Technology Studies courses in the Agriculture strand– 1040 Introduction to Animal Basics and 2020 Animal Husbandry/Welfare –These courses offer students accurate and current information related to the care and welfare of companion animals and livestock and are accessible on

  • Urbanization
  • Critical Issues Guides, developed for Alberta Canola Producers, focus on a range of topics and issues related to agriculture, including urbanization, biofuels, biodiversity and consumerism, among many others. Examples of titles we have developed include:

    Biofuels: Choice or Necessity?
    Consumerism and Quality of Life: Food and Fuel Production and Consumption
    Biotechnology and Biological Diversity: A Question of Balance
    Climate Change and Agriculture: Causes and Effects

    These, and other secondary level resources we have developed, can be accessed on the Alberta Canola Producers’ learning centre website.

  • Elementary level Grow Guides, also developed for Alberta Canola Producers, introduce students to agricultural issues and ways of life through inquiry-based challenges. Alberta Canola Producers’ Grow Guides can be accessed on the Canola Learning Centre, including How do people in different communities grow and manage crops?; How does agricultural land use depend on and change Alberta’s environment?; and How do environmental factors affect Canada’s food production?.

  • The Grow a Bug SimLab, developed for Alberta Canola Producers to support the Grow Guides, demonstrates the range of creativity and interactivity we bring to those resources we are commissioned to develop. The SimLab interactive whiteboard application, along with an Adobe Air installer, is available on request.

  • Building Communities
  • The Building Communities through Local Government multi-media resource. The 2009 Premier’s Gold Award of Excellence was awarded to the Building Communities through Local Government project, a multi-media resource developed for Alberta Municipal Affairs. A print copy of this multimedia resource is available on request.

  • The Club Moo program, revised and redeveloped for Alberta Milk, takes a student-centred and leadership based approach to running Club Moo activities as a school-based business. A copy of this multimedia resource is available on request.

  • Power to Play interactive whiteboard activities, developed for Alberta Milk, provides a creative and engaging program to support the Power to Play Kindergarten to Grade 3 nutrition education resource. This cross-grade and cross-curricular application and accompanying teacher resources are available on request.

  • The Moo2You website and teaching resources, developed for Alberta Milk, can be accessed at These resources build understandings of rural and agricultural histories, ways of life, and activities.

  • Make a Better City, developed for the City of Edmonton, focuses on social responsibility, community issues and standards. We are currently updating this resource and adding an interactive whiteboard application which will launch off this website.

  • Elections Alberta resources, Building Future Voters for Grades 6, 9 and 12, demonstrate our ability to develop resources that cross age and grade levels, and build a sequenced and age-appropriate base of understanding of a topic.

  • Created for Alberta Agriculture, A Guide to Growing School Gardens in Alberta, provides information and curriculum connections to support school garden initiatives.

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